Attention: Over-worked exhausted women everywhere!

Take the 30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge, and

"Spring" into a NEW YOU!

Feel MORE energized, radiant, and full of JOY, in just FIVE MINUTES … TODAY!

(Jennifer Joy Jimenez, CEO, Wife of 18 yrs, Mother of 3, Cert. Mind-Body Expert & Life Coach)


Wouldn’t you love, IN JUST 5 MINUTES, to feel energized, fit, and healthy? Moving through life, feeling “alive and free”, with confidence, passion and authenticity!

arms open

How do you FEEL right now, IN YOUR BODY? Do a quick body check …

OVER-WORKING? Have you been overworking on NOT taking good enough care of yourself? POOR SELF IMAGE? Are you hiding body image issues? Do you fall into spells of disordered eating, or going on crash diets.

Do you beat yourself up mentally about your body? Are you tired of this and ready to make a change?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above … You probably already know your body & SPIRIT are calling out to you, and if you don't listen, THINGS WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

WARNING: If you continue to neglect your body and inner Spirit, everything suffers … you may already know you are living life way too busy, stressed, and in a negative pattern! 

Neglecting your body and Spirit & being over-stressed infiltrates everything …and it pollutes every area of your life! 


jennifer jimenezHi, I'm Jennifer Joy Jimenez, and I have a question for you … "What if you started to love, honor and cherish your body today? "How would you feel 30 days from now?

As a business owner, busy mother of 3, and wife of 18 years, I understand first-hand the many challenges we face as women. I know how frazzled we can become as we juggle life trying to fulfill our never ending to-do-lists. Plus, as a professional dancer, movement specialist, and body image breakthrough coach, I have helped countless women transform from feeling exhausted and negative about their bodies ~ TO FEELING ENERGIZED, RADIANT, GREAT IN THEIR SKIN - LOVING, HONORING AND CHERISHING THEIR BODIES!

life perserver I'M THROWING YOU A LIFE SAVER ;-)


30 day challenge


The 30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge
is your opportunity to say YES to a new YOU ...

For many women as life becomes more hectic with each new child and/or new business venture, it becomes way to easy to neglect our health, our bodies, and our feminine Spirit. Our excuses are, lack of time, energy, money and motivation.

helpMaybe you can relate …

and …


lost joy

Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of over-working, and putting YOURSELF last on your to-do-list! DOES your body feel heavy and your mind in a fog? Are you losing touch with the "real joyful you".

In 30 days you CAN love your body and enjoy vibrant energy!

Experts say if you want to make a change start with small easy steps.

1 thing

You can decide right now that you CAN start by implementing ONE simple 5 minute practice! 


Women who have taken the 30 Day Challenge have reported these breakthroughs ...


Meet Nancy, an entrepreneur, & busy mom, who came to me feeling overworked, stiff, in need of support to reconnect with her body.

“In the work I do, I can easily get stuck in my head and out of touch with my body. Working with Jennifer has really given me a chance to get re-connected and grounded in my body. She has helped me gain more poise and grace which has been especially crucial to the work I do as a public speaker. Thank you so much Jennifer."”
Nancy Marmolejo Anaheim, CA

You may know Tera Warner the founder of WISH (Women's International Summit for Health) Tera Warner,  is a busy working mother herself, here's what she had to say -

teraOpen the Floodgates to Femininity, Flexibility and Freedom
“Jennifer Joy Jimenez has what it takes to open the floodgates to femininity, flexibility and freedom. Her commitment to authentic movement creates the safety within which stiff, overworked and out-of-touch women like myself can open the doors to self-love and develop the courage to move and express ourselves with confidence and authenticity. What's it going to take to breakthrough your limitations, self-judgment and self-image so you can finally express and experience Life as it moves through you? Jennifer Joy Jimenez cracked me wide open, and she can do the same for you.”
Tera Warner

get energizedjump

Join me and thousands who who are SAYING –

check YES to more ENERGY

check YES to more VIBRANCY

check YES to greater CONFIDENCE

check YES to radiant BEAUTY through self love

Katie embraced her body & learned how to be more uninhibited! ... 

katieBe Uninhibited!
“The Body Image Breakthrough Center has helped me create a breakthrough by giving me INSPIRATION and by giving me a modality I really resonate with! I have always loved dancing of all types, so when I realized I could dance my way to a body image breakthrough, I was hooked. When I heard the call with Jennifer and Tera at the WISH Summit, I felt so inspired, even though I hadn't even seen any of the dance videos! I knew that by dancing with these videos, I could learn to truly embrace every part of my body and myself. I love the encouragement to be uninhibited! I dress and act in certain ways so that I will fit in at work or come across in a certain way, and I loved your encouragement to be uninhibited in my dancing!”
Katie Gibson, Provo, UT

Are you ready to take the 30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge?

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live, love, dance

When I created this 30 Day "challenge" for my Body Image Breakthrough Clients, I realized the 5 minute daily practice needed to be something FUN that women would enjoy doing!

I asked, "What do WE LOVE to do that brings us the most JOY?" And the answer is simple - DANCE!

Dancing every day for just 5 minutes can turn your whole life around!


Hint - We are ALL born natural dancers - If you can move - even a little bit, you can dance! We all have rhythm, it is our natural state of being!

child dancinglet your soul dance


i hate gym classWe all know that traditional fitness classes are beneficial, and crucial to the health of our physical bodies. However, feeding your feminine spirit is just as crucial to you feeling alive and fulfilled as a woman.


Exercise machines at your traditional gym were designed based on a male skeleton. Did you know that many of today's fitness methods have been traced back to training MEN for combat?


flowersThis is why, when you ONLY train your body in a linear masculine way, you neglect the life of your Feminine Spirit. In order to strive as women, we need to move our bodies in a NATURAL FEMININE FLOW OF ENERGY!

This is one of the KEY COMPONENTS of THE 30 DAY BODY IMAGE BREAKTHROUGH CHALLENGE! We stimulate the Mind and Spirit. Together, we support each-other, and celebrate our feminine bodies! We remind you to move your body the way a woman's body was made to move. We make it fun and easy to release tense, stagnant energy. We guide you to the feminine flow of powerful vibrancy.


During this 30 day challenge you will be guided to move your body joyfully every day. (through easy to access online videos. Just log-in and follow along). You will start with just 5 minutes of joyful-authentic movement each day focusing on ... 

Watch an example video below - Of me dancing with my kids on Mother's Day - AND join in with us...

 Even if you just sway from side to side, I invite you to move your body - Breathe - Open your heart - and let life rush in!

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

How do you feel now that you have danced for 5 minutes? Lighter, Happier, Loosened up a bit? Now imagine how you will feel after a dose of guided dance each day for 30 days?


Marissa said yes and she found Power, Confidence and Connection  …

marissaFind Power, Confidence and Connection
“I've been doing the 5 minute videos pretty much every day. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying them! My body feels so good and it helps me physically with my back problems.
The key for me in all of this is to not hide and to express all of myself. Let it out!! Freedom!! I feel such a release, different emotions come up like joy, rage, sadness. But mostly I've been finding a lot of my power, confidence and connection with my femininity! And my femininity is POWERFUL in all it's beauty let me tell you! So awesome.
Something about seeing Jennifer in front with me makes the experience better like I'm not alone, it's like see here is a beautiful woman in her light going all out and it's beautiful and I'm going to do this too. The freedom, the joy and the naturalness that comes through is contagious. The beauty and openness that Jennifer holds is refreshing and gives me courage to express and be free like we're meant to be.
Thanks so much!”
Marissa L., Newton, MA


If you are saying YES along with us then …


You are NOW ready to start your 

30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge!





This is where you will receive your daily 5 minute Mind-Body Makeover!

You will also be able to enjoy - 


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During this 30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge you can enjoy



You gain all of this in just 5 minutes or less a day!

If thousands of busy women, like you, can easily fit this into their day and experience HUGE breakthroughs,  you can too!

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It's like you get to access an online Oasis.


“What a beautiful concept to bring out the kid in all of us. I was such a fun loving happy go lucky kid and somewhere along the line while being an active mother of seven and grandmother of sixteen, I started stiffening up. I never did stop exercising but I have ached a lot over the years. When I started to dance with Jennifer I was afraid at first to really wiggle my neck because it is stiff often. But once I got going, I could just feel the stiffness leaving and the laughter/tears setting in. I tried several of the dances and did not want to quit. After I was done, I bounced up the stairs and my teenage twins said "wow look at you". It really gets the stress out so sometimes in the middle of the day I just start dancing! And I've danced every day since. Thanks for putting dance in my day”
Bobbi Hansen, Hampden, ME

The Body Image Breakthrough Center can help the Stay at home Mom looking to regain her GLOW, and the business professional looking to present herself with more confidence and POISE, any and 5 minall women like you …

  1. Busy Moms
  2. Business Women
  3. Young Women
  4. Senior Women
  5. All Women!

The women below were at a business mastermind meeting. We took a quick 5 minute break from our work, to move and dance. Watch how we go from feeling LOW ENERGY and "tired", to feeling FULLY RE-ENERGIZED and re-motivated in less than 5 Minutes! Watch this real life, "before and after", video!

You don’t have to wait, you can GET STARTED NOW!

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Are you ready to …

elisaLove Yourself Exactly the Way You Are!
“This beautiful community, has allowed me to open up to a deeper understanding of who I am. It gives me confidence and clarity, motivates me and reminds me to love myself exactly as I am. Self love is so precious and I hope to keep allowing myself to feel beautiful inside and out by truly admiring myself flaws & all.”
Eliza Ceci, Clark, NJ

mom and daughterA Mom and Daughter Connection!
“It's helped me by, giving me time each day to just move my body in such a rhythmic way that it seems to free something in my mind also. It seems to work for me if I close my eyes and listen to the rhythm of the music. I love the music! It's also helping me connect with my daughter who has autism. We've been dancing together and have such a good time”
Christina Wahl, Vacaville, CA

"What's it going to cost me?"

Remember, The Body Image Breakthrough 30 Day Challenge is an investment in YOUR SELF

Program Value Over = $470
Limited Time Special Discount only = $149

(Never feel like your Body-Image is holding you back again! The value of that is Priceless!!)

Plus, For a limited time only! I have put together a special gift pack of over



Your Free BONUSES Include…

coaching Phone Call Personalized Support ~
(Value $250) - Free Bonus Kick-Start 1 on 1 Strategy Session with Jennifer. In this powerful, highly-valuable coaching call, Jennifer will take the time to get to know you personally, your unique body image breakthrough goals, and offer suggestions and a clear strategy of how you can take full advantage of the program!
(Skype or Vonage access for International Calls Zero Cost to YOU!)
dancing Danzalive 60 Minute Movement Workshop ~
(Value $19.95) - Free Bonus
Learn to move and dance freely without being self conscious. Feel graceful and poised in your body after just 60 minutes of guided movement and meditation! Plus, practice this audio - as your portable "de-stress" and "fun-out" routine - anywhere, anytime on your i-pod ~ Audio Download.

I invite you to get started now, and get lovin' that body of yours!

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WARNING! GET READY, TO GET NOTICED! You might begin to SHINE so much that people begin to notice … Read what happened to one single woman:


jennyPure Magic
“I've been working on letting go of control issues, healing from severe adrenal burnout, I'm trying to embrace the feminine again. . . sink into the warm goddess light that joins us all together as sisters .... So I danced and twirled, (with Jennifer's video), and felt ecstatically alive. . . and (felt inspired) to go to yoga and had the best class ever, and two men asked me to go have dinner with them afterwards and several carloads of young men drove by on my way out and catcalled, and smiled appreciatively which I only share because I was sweaty, hair askew and in yoga clothes (nothing special) and yet was totally in my joy and my feminine body, opened power. Pure magic. Thank you for all you do Jennifer . . . thank you for cracking us open in your beautiful and nurturing and INSPIRING way.”
Jenny Nelson (Hampden, ME)

guarenteedToday, right now, you are faced with a choice …

You can decide that you want to create a different result STARTING TODAY!

Or, you can keep doing what you are doing and get the same old results! What's your choice going to be?

You can start right away!

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Q - "I'm too busy, how can I possibly fit this in?" 
A -   This program will only take 5 minutes each day! To be successful, you will need to make this a non-negotiable for yourself this month - Let me ask you, "Do you find 5 minutes each day to brush your teeth!" Of course, it's a non-negotiable - This program CAN become a non-negotiable, IT'S WORTH IT!

Q - "I don't know if I have enough space to do the movement videos in front of my computer?"
A - My clients access these videos from anywhere. Home, the office, school, and hotel room, etc ... All it takes is a computer, internet connection and a small space in front of you to move around. You have to ask yourself if your energy, and health is worth it? ARE YOU WILLING TO CREATE THE SPACE TO MAKE THIS WORK? You can always move things around if you need to.

Q - "I've already spent so much money on other programs?"
A - The real question is what will it cost you NOT to do it? Our sons and daughters deserve to see us loving ourselves! We are their greatest teachers!!! (Is your daughter already calling herself "fat"???) SHIFT THAT PATTERN IN HER - BY SHIFTING THAT PATTERN IN YOU! Plus, I invite you to read the many testimonials throughout this site.

Q - What kind of guarantee do I get?
A - We provide a 100% client satisfaction guarantee! (Note: All of my clients are soo happy and grateful for the program.)

You can start right away!

Finally, you have found what you have been looking for and craving! A private body & spirit, 30 day program, if YOU want…

  1. An easy way to de-stress and re-energize
  2. A program that you can use on your time frame
  3. Accessibility from home, office, or when traveling
  4. Positive, supportive messages about your body and beauty
  5. Support to have the breakthrough you are craving
  6. A fast and fun way to feel good!

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melindaLove and Appreciate Your Body
“Jennifer, I have decided to watch and dance with one video every day, and I am so amazed at the emotions that well up inside of me as I have been doing this. You are teaching me to love and appreciate my body in a way I have never known before, and it is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for what you are doing! You have truly found your life purpose. I see it radiate from you in each video as you teach me to dance and move and feel absolutely wonderful and all aglow with happiness. Thank you!”
Melinda Ann (Saratoga Springs, UT

KimiEmbrace the Goddess Within
“I discovered the body image breakthrough center and I have been loving it!!!!
I remembering how much I used to dance as a little girl and I'm feeling that freedom again! I have been so inspired by the site and the dancing … I am embracing the goddess within and wish for every woman to feel free and empowered enough to move her body with abandon! Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful and inspirational work you are doing!”

KIMI - Honolulu, HI


Plus, read more testimonials at the bottom of this page ...


Program Value Over = 470!
Program Special = $149

(Never feel like your Body-Image is holding you back again!
That is Priceless!!)

Program Includes

Be inspired and uplifted with a 5 minute video sent right to your inbox each day.

No need to plan or figure things out (for once!) - Sit back and relax while you are guided every step of the way.

You will be on this journey with warm-hearted "soulvip sisters" from all around the world!

For a limited time only Enjoy VIP ACCESS and BONUSES worth $270 and a FREE Program Kick Start Coaching Session with Jennifer Joy Jimenez!!!

  • BONUS #1 - Personalized Support ~ (Value $250) - Free Bonus Kick-Start 1 on 1 Strategy Session with Jennifer. A powerful, highly-valuable private coaching call.

  • BONUS #2 - Danzalive 60 Minute Movement Workshop (Audio Download); Guided Movement & Dance, Energy Healing, Loving Body Meditation, Positive Affirmations & More!

We can't wait to meet you! Get started today!

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Are you ready to start your 30 Day Body Image Breakthrough Challenge? Feel energized, radiant, and full of JOY right now!

To your Vibrant Well-Being,
Jennifer Joy Jiménez

P.S. – I want you to experience a Body Image Breakthrough in the next 30 days! I want life to flow through you freely and joyfully, as you express your authentic self with grace and beauty!  I want people to notice your GLOW, and that twinkle in your eye and new bounce in your step. I want you to feel healthier and better than you've felt in years! Get started now!

(Still have questions? Please e-mail me if you need any clarification).

Jennifer Joy Jiménez
Certified Movement Specialist 
& Mind * Body Expert

Best described as, "pure joy in motion," Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a pioneer in the fields of movement and personal growth.  With over 15 years of teaching experience, people from around the world have attested to the healing and transformation they have experienced working with Jennifer. A master technician in somatics, dance therapy, breath-work, and energy healing, Jennifer has included these cutting edge techniques in her Programs,CDs, DVD’s, and in the "The International Body Image Breakthrough Movement and Dance Center". Jennifer's passion is in coaching clients, and conducting classes, seminars and workshops, and holding teacher trainings internationally. Jennifer is well-known for her inspirational teaching style, and dedication to evoking the best in each and every one of her students. A mother of 3 and married to her soul mate, Jennifer thrives on the challenge of balancing marriage, motherhood, career, and deeper self-discovery!


lizReceive Encouragement & Motivation!
“It has given me the encouragement to move, the motivation to do it, and the inspirational videos to dance too. Releasing stress, making me happy and healthy xx Thank you!”
Liz Lever, Whitchurch, Shropshire United Kingdom

jenniferThe Joy of Moving Your Whole Body!
“Because of lower back and knee problems, I had concentrated my exercises on my lower half and I had forgotten that I had a whole body to move. This has brought back the joy of moving all of me to music,
Thank you Jennifer!”
Jennifer Campos, Torpoint, United Kingdom

saraHeal Your Physical Injuries!
“I stopped dancing years ago because of injuries- to my body and soul- but thanks to you I have been remembering my passion to dance and have discovered that I can dance in a way that does not hurt me, what a revelation! And now I think I can take it a step further and even dare say that my joy and pleasure in dancing is contagious to those around me! I am even healing my physical injuries with your dances!”
Sara Robledo, Coatepec - Veracruz, Mexico

fabienneFor the Whole Family!
“I discovered this beautiful way to shift my day to a wonderful one each time I dance with Jennifer. We just had a party for my son who turned 10, and I put some music and every body started to dance and had so much fun, they said it was the best party ever and I know I have to thanks Jennifer for it, that changed my life and my whole family. Thank you sooo much.”
Fabienne Alliou, Niagara on the lake, Canada

julieExperience a profound connection with your body!
“The BIBC (Body Image Breakthrough Center) has helped me create a body image breakthrough in just 5 minutes a day primarily through the dance videos.  As a result, I experience a profound connection with my body and support and permission for the emotional energy to unblock and flow a little more freely.  Because of where I am coming from, to move my body in a feminine way and feel energy move can be quite scary and threatening.  The magic ingredient is how Jennifer creates a warm, safe space and how I feel lovingly guided by her to continue to move through it all, even through that moment when it feels impossible.  For me it literally feels like a 'break' through :-).  Thank you, Jennifer!”
Julie Mackert, San Diego, CA

jenShake off Bad Feelings & Dance Just for Fun!
“I am so thankful to have discovered this. I was really struggling with the kids to find something to shake off bad feelings when they or we were fighting. Now we just get up and dance and we have so much fun, we forget to be mad, woohoo! Now they even ask to dance, just for fun. Thank you for that gift.”
Jen McIntosh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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